An Entrepreneur are seen as national assets to be motivated, cultivated and remuneration to the greatest degree possible. Entrepreneur is an action oriented and determined individual who is ready to strive and achieve goals. They follow certain habit that help to keep them effective as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs develop innovative ideas and creating jobs to promoting social change. Here are some points to boost start-ups and Entrepreneurship in India. To encourage entrepreneurs in India it should be mandatory to teach and structured format of learning Entrepreneurship in school and college. Organizations can play important role in nurturing entrepreneurship. Many organizations have initiative called intrapreneurship that allows employees with innovative ideas to pitch and receive funding. To promote Entrepreneurship in India we must promote start-up in India movement and make India attractive destination for foreign investors to invest in Indian start-ups.
• Provide easy access to small business loans will also help in encouraging more start – ups.

Written by,

Akansha Soni