Mission and Vision

Financial education is a confluence of financial, credit and debt management knowledge that is important to make financial decisions – our choices that are integral to our everyday lives.

Our Story

About Who we are & What We Do

Win Global finance is associated with Nanjil Anand Foundation is a non – profit organization which works on 35 different sectors nearly covering every area.
Win Global finance is mainly work on providing through knowledge in all fields of finance, financial literacy to the underprivileged and budget management , Investment decisions these are our main focus area.
Win Global Finance mainly works on providing knowledge in all fields of finance, financial literacy to the unprivileged and budget management, Investment decisions these are our main focus area.


Our mission is to educate , inspire and empower people so that they can effectively take their financial decisions which will lead them financially empowered..


Our vision is to promote education about financial literacy. A strong foundation of financial literacy can
help support various life goals such as savings for education and retirement , trade personal assets and using debt carefully and can smoothly run business.

 Aimed at Financial Education

Our primary motive is to provide information about financial matters including raising awareness of financial planning, personal finance management.

All about Finance

What is meant by Financial Decisions?

Financial decisions are the decisions that managers take with regard to the finances of a company. These decisions can be in terms of acquisition of assets, financing and raising funds, day-to-day capital and expenditure management, etc. Financial decisions therefore affect both the assets and liabilities of a company.

Why we need Financial Planning?

A financial plan will help us focus the way we manage our money and time on reaching our financial goals. An important part of financial plan is budget.

Financial literacy can help protect individual from becoming victims of financial fraud.

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy means the confident understanding of concepts including saving, investing and debt that leads to an overall sense of financial well-being and self-trust. It starts by building basic knowledge of money matters, and while Americans could certainly improve on this score, they’ve made gains in recent years.



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