Non-Profit Event

Win Global Finance In Collaboration With Nanjil Anand Foundation Is Organizing an Extempore Competition On 11th July.

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Win Finance group under guidance of  Nanjil Anand Foundation is presenting CIRCBUZZ BIDDING EVENT.


➡️ So here are the rules and relevant point you all have to keep in mind while playing:

🟣 speaker of event will announce a name of a particular player on whom the bidding will take place.

🟣 Along with the player the speaker will also inform about the other relevant information relating to the player such as minimum purchasing price of player or how many stars have been given to the player..

🟣  The players who have been given 5 stars will be considered the best and the players who have been given 4 stars,3 star, 2 start or 1 star will be considered less good than the players with 5 stars.

Maximum star – *⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5STAR*
🟣each team will be given a amount,  by using that alloted amount only you all have to bid for players .

Amount alloted to each team – *1 CRORE*

🟣The team that bids  last  on the player, that player will be *SOLD* to that team and that team will be given a *3* chance that  if they want they can withdraw there decision also .


*Bidding raise is only applicable with 1 lakh,2 lakhs, 5 lalkhs and 10 lakhs*

*And no amount in between*.

If any team runs out of money and it cannot make a team of *10* members, then that team will be OUT of the game.

Judging Criteria

1) How many players does the team have.

2) How much  funds are left with the team .


The  team having more no. Of players and  more funds left with them will be the winner..

And if there is a tie between 2 teams, then we will count the total stars, the team with more stars will be the winner..


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